You don’t have to plan out your whole life

You don’t have to plan out your whole life

Growing up isn’t all about choice – it’s a matter of “wait and see”. 

Some people seem to know exactly what they want from life as soon as they’re out of the womb. How many people around you are dead set on being teachers, accountants, football heroes or whatever? It’s intimidating, right?

But just because other people have an intense goal they need to achieve at all costs…doesn’t mean you have to. Keep it loose, and you’ll be fine. Don’t be the penguin.

Planning for the future is scary

There, we said it. It can be terrifying to feel like the choices you make now will put you on a path to adulthood, with no changes allowed. But it isn’t true.

There are so many opportunities in life to change direction and try something else. Just because you wanted to be an astronaut at five doesn’t mean you have to want the same things at 25. History is littered with bright Year 12 Legal Studies students who couldn’t stand first-year Law (not to mention all the ones who became comedians instead…).

Sometimes you get to where you wanted to be, and it isn’t what you expected. Life can be surprising like that.

Make a rough plan instead

Don’t worry about where you’ll be in 10 years. Instead, write down some rough goals that you’d like to achieve, and regularly revisit them to make sure (a) you’re on track and (b) they’re still what you want.

This is different to giving up as soon as something gets hard – you should stick to things when they’re important to you, even through the painful bits – but be aware of the difference between that feeling, and the feeling of absolutely hating the path you’re on.

Everything you do helps

You don’t hear this very often, but the skills, knowledge and experience you build up in one area are often very useful in other areas. Think of this in terms of video games. The first time you play an FPS, you’re going to be terrible. But the more you play, the better you get – even if you switch to a totally different title.


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