Writing Scholarship Application BB2019

Writing Scholarship Application BB2019

Application writing is a skillthat you’ll be doing for the rest of your life, whether it’s for school, work orin this case, scholarships!

 I remember thinking, “Yeah sure, how hard can it be?” and then I read the subheading “Other Information”… Well they must want me to say something else otherwise it wouldn’t be in there… but I’ve already said everything… right?


Generally, application questions cover the basic stuff about what you want to study and do in the future. What they still don’t know about is, well, YOU! The panel assessing your application want to know about you and your personality so use this space to show yourself!

Tell them about you – every hobby and extracurricular activity show skills that you don’t realise that are in there. Butwill!


Study Case: Early Conditional Offer Scheme for GadigalApplicants

Before we start, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, head to “The Early Offer Scheme For Gadigal Students: what it all means and how you can benefit from it.”

But if you’re totally caught up, let’sget started.

Within the Gadigal application,there are three sub headings, and I will tell you what you should write aboutin each.

Wessley’s Wise Words:

My wise words for applicationwriting are basically, be yourself. I know it can be very hard to talk yourselfup and maybe you think its just not in your character to do so. But you have toin these things, which is why it is such an important skill to improve.

 Don’t be afraid to share, the panel wants toget to know you and them more that you talk about yourself the more likely youare to stand out! You are amazing and you can do it!


Early Offer Year 12 (E12) Scheme – Course Change

Early Offer Year 12 (E12) Scheme – Course Change

If you’re worried about meeting the entry requirements for your E12 course, the University of Sydney is offering you the opportunity to change into another course of which you do meet the E12 entry requirements.  

Metronate 2021 Winners!

Metronate 2021 Winners!

Congratulations to Mitchell Minks from Mitchell High School and Adorable Chicken Duckies from Fairvale High School on winning the Metronate Challenge!

Metronate: Week 4

Metronate: Week 4

Awesome submissions! Keep up the professionalism and presentation quality! We’re super excited to see your big ideas. This week, we refresh your idea, then pivot and scale it worldwide! To help out, we went through some definitions and examples.