WMBB 2018: Dem farewell feels tho

WMBB 2018: Dem farewell feels tho

Looking back at the Friday wind-down and future plan-making.

It’s always sad to say goodbye to everyone after a whirlwind week of making friends, learning about future study paths and mucking around at the beach. And it’s really, really hard to concentrate on all that information about applying for scholarships when you know you won’t see these people for another year (or looooonger).

As usual, Christian from Mossman was DJing in the main hall. Around his blasts of Flo Rida were last rounds of Uno, tired students filling out evaluation forms in the heat, swapping numbers and/or social media deets before they get on buses to the airport.

We had a chat to Sophie and Josephine from the North Coast, aka The Pharmacy Girlzzz, who have become such BFFs they talk over each other, like this…

At first obviously it’s kinda like “I wanna go home because I know no-one” but the third day, when I started interacting and we had our own little group, now it’s so sad leaving them

Yeah, and most of them live around Australia so you’re never going to see them again

The first two days you weren’t talking, the last two days you’re hanging around all the time…

I feel like the only thing I didn’t like was the fact they were playing such crappy music – now it’s good, but the other night…

…and when you’re eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, you couldn’t eat in peace because everyone was just singing or battling each other with music playing really loud or tapping around. Music people just jammin’ out in the middle of lunch!

Other than that, it was better than I thought it was going to be

And it hits you on the last day – it really, really hits you

It’s good to have a certificate saying you’ve done something – that you’re dedicated – especially where we’re from, most kids don’t get out

We’re from rural areas, the country

We go into town and there’s only one or two shops

The best thing was the world-class facilities we went to

Oh yeah, the facilities… “World-class!” Hahaha!

Meeting the surgeons and the pharmacists and all that – really good

It was really fun

And good to be around people who are doing the same thing

Yeah, it’s good like that…other Indigenous kids

The professors were really cool, too. You have some boring ones, and then you have really good upbeat people who are really passionate about what they did, eh?

They couldn’t stop talking about what they did.

And it wasn’t just the students who were feeling that way. First-time Student Leader Doug, from Architecture, Design and Planning, was also sorry to see the week end.

“It’s been sad,” he said. “I didn’t think I’d get that emotionally involved, I had a couple of kids say that at the start they didn’t know what they’d got into, and weren’t sure if they wanted to be here – but by the end they didn’t want to go home. That was a great feeling.

“And also, at the airport there were tears everywhere…”

As he left, we asked Christian who he’s going to DJ for now. “I got 25 people here,” he said, gesturing to the airport shuttle. The party bus lives on…


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