Who is she? Amazing women you’ve never heard of!

Who is she? Amazing women you’ve never heard of!

Throughout history, there have been countless numbers of women who changed the world as we know it today and achieved what had been believed to be the impossible.

But how many of them do you know? 

Ching Shih, badass priate

Born in 1775, Shih began her career as a pirate when she met Captain Zheng Yi, whose family had been involved in piracy since the 1650s. Ching and Zheng were quickly married. But after Zhengs’ death by tsunami, Ching took over by appointing Zhengs second-in-command as their fleet’s new captain and implied strict laws for her crew.

Under Chings ‘subtle’ leadership the fleet grew to 1,800 ships and up to 80,000 crewmen over the course of a few years, and after years of evading defeat from the Chinese and Portuguese governments Ching and her whole fleet were granted amnesty and she retired to running a gambling den.

Khutulun, the undefeated wrestler

The daughter of a Mongolian warlord and a descendent of Genghis Khan, Khutulun was the apple of her father’s eye, even among her 14 brothers. She was a skilled warrior who often accompanied her father in battle and was well known for abruptly leaving his side to capture one of the enemy’s men faster than they could blink.

But the part of her life that is favoured is her career in wrestling. Khutulun’s family was desperate to see her married (she was the only daughter after all) but Khutulun wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about the idea, so she said that whoever could defeat her at wrestling she would marry, but should she beat them they had to give her 100 horses.

She ended up with 10,000 horses and no husband.

Marie Marvingt, the fiancée of danger

To use the world “fearless” to describe Marie would be a severe understatement to her life’s work. Her athletic career started at the young age of 5, when it is said that she was able to swim 4 kilometres in a single day.

Her skills grew when at 15 she canoed 400 kilometres from Nanny to Koblenz in France and by 31 was considered the country’s best female swimmer. Any questioning of her physical ability can be quickly dismissed by her large array of awards (including those she won in the Olympics!) which she won in sports such as, but not excluded to, skiing, bobsledding, luge, ice – skating, cycling and ballooning.


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