Where to find that last burst of energy

Where to find that last burst of energy

When you’re near the finish line… and need a tiny bit more motivation.

Sometimes, when you’ve been going full bore in pursuit of a goal, you see the end in sight and suddenly it all catches up to you. Even though you’re nearly finished, you’re out of steam. You’re done. You just want to stay in bed, with someone bringing you delicious meals and snacks whenever you ring your bell.

That sounds amazing, but come on. We’re going to help you wring that last bit of energy from your mind and body. Then it’s bell’n’bed time.

Get someone to look over your shoulder

There’s a reason elite athletes have coaches yelling at them from the sidelines – that kind of external motivation works. In the same way, if you can find a teacher, family member or even your bossiest friend to keep you honest, it’ll give you that extra push. Even if they’re not literally looking over your shoulder, it can be helpful to picture them watching over you, urging you to do your best.

Get inspo from your heroes

Sometimes it only takes a motivational quote to get you through that final metre. You can almost certainly guarantee that whoever you respect – in sport, in art, in music – went through the same thing you’re feeling right now. Google around for some quotes and either print them out or, if you’re creatively inclined, write them out all fancy with some textas and such. Stick them to the wall above your study area.

And if you have no heroes, because you’re a lone wolf ninja with a katana, here are some motivational quotes from a bunch of people to get you nodding thoughtfu- hey! Get to work. You’re nearly finished!

Get some rest

If you have a bit of time before those deadlines hit, take advantage of it and have a snooze. Taking care of yourself is really important – managing your stress, getting a good night’s sleep, eating properly – and when you do these things, you’ll find your energy levels and focus are better.

Get some help

Maybe you can’t do it alone. It’s okay to ask someone to sit down with you and map out the final stages to whatever project you’re working on. Maybe they won’t actually do the work for you, but getting that external perspective on things – or just talking through whatever’s blocking you – can be enough to get you back into the mind set of smashing things out.


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