Two podcasts that’ll help you change the world

Two podcasts that’ll help you change the world

Treat your ears to some positive movements from around the globe.

No matter what you’re studying, it always helps to be armed with information. That’s true whether you’re focusing on the historical rivalries that lead to war, how new developments in medicine can change communities or even puzzling out the economics of foreign aid. And so, here are two podcasts that will give you something to argue about over dinner…or in essays. Either way, you’ll come away with a clearer idea of what’s happening in the world.

Changemakers will get you fired up for the future

Imagine travelling the world and chatting to the people who are on the frontline of positive movements for change. That’s the premise of Changemakers, which globe-trots from Russia to America to…Brisbane, showcasing a whole range of issues facing us humans. Inspiring, shocking and angry-making, it’ll have you saving up for a round-the-world ticket so you can head to a hot spot, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in alongside these everyday superheroes.

Conversations in Development will get your brain burning

So far there’s only one episode of this new podcast from international development agency Cufa, but it drops you right in the deep end. Get ready for some tricky questions about Australia’s role in foreign aid – and whether it does more harm than good. If you love an argument over serious issues, this’ll give you some powerful ammunition. Each episode of Conversations in Development features expert guests, so it’s the perfect place to get educated on topics we don’t often hear about, and think about how you can work towards making these systems work more effectively (okay fine, finish your assignments before you save the planet).


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