Triple J Hottest 100 2019

Triple J Hottest 100 2019

Hottest 100 day is coming up fast and let’s just say I think it can’t come fast enough. What a great year of music we have just had, and I really do believe that this countdown is going to be a nail biter!

My Votes

I had an excess of 25 songs that I wanted to vote for, its crazy how song after song can add up. With new music from Kaiit to The Jungle Giants, and who could forget Billie Eilish’s bomb of an album. But through hard work and a serious (but sad) culling, I finally did it. Take a look below.

Shane Cubis (another contributor to ASTAR) has also put in his votes, here they are:

Top Runners

Although its too late to put in your votes now, I’ve scoured the internet to see who the top runners are. There are some Oohh’s (Ohh I totally picked that song), Ahh’s ( Ahh yes I forgot that song) and the straight up Huh’s? Here’s what Elle had to say:

10. Pub Feed- The Chats

9. Heavy Hearted –

8. Rushing back – Flume ft. Vera Blue

7. By Myself – Fidlar

6. Charlie – Mallrat

5. Better In Blak – Thelma Plum

4. Drink Too Much – G Flip

3. Bad Guy – Billie Eilish

2. Bulls on Parade –

1. Dance Monkey – Tones & I

There is also a website called 100 Warm Tunas, which aims to take everyone’s post of their top ten and uses magic and maths to predict a result. Apparently, it’s pretty accurate, so if you don’t want possible spoilers, maybe just skip this part.

10. Purple hat – Sofi Tukker

9. Heavy Hearted – The Jungle Giants

8. Dance Monkey – Tones & I

7. Rushing back – Flume ft. Vera Blue

6. By Myself – Fidlar

5. Better In Blak – Thelma Plum

4. Drink Too Much – G Flip

3. Charlie – Mallrat

2. Bad Guy – Billie Eilish

1. Bulls on Parade – Denzel Curry (Like A Version)

Well there you have it. But that’s just two sources out of thousands and the only people that know now are Triple J. Let us know what you think, was your prediction right? Did your top ten make it? Do you agree (or disagree) with Shane or I’s top ten? Comment on our Instagram/Facebook, and hey, show us your top ten tunes of the year!



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