Top cool professions that you didn’t know used Maths

Top cool professions that you didn’t know used Maths

No 1. Mathematician. Oh… you knew that one already?

You’d have to think Maths teachers get asked “What’s thepoint of all this?” or “When am I ever gonna use any of this?” more than anyoneelse on the planet. Which is why it can be surprising to learn that there aresome really cool careers that rely fairly strongly on knowing your numbers fromyour other little black squiggles.

Game Designer

That goes for videogames and boardgames, so you can’t escape this stuff. In terms of boardgames, your main area is going to be probability, although others might apply depending on your topic (Economics, for example). But in your more electronic entertainments, you’ll need to know a fair bit about calculus, trigonometry and things of that nature.

Pilot (Commercial orMilitary)

Yep, those heroes behind the cockpit door have to smashthrough an unbelievable about of number work before they get to wear those coolaviator sunglasses. Think of everything these people have to take into account –wind speed, fuel supplies, not doing barrel rolls during the in-flight service…There’s no way to avoid Maths.


Just because you can draw well doesn’t mean you’ll make the cut as an animator. These days there’s a suprising amount of mathematics in those funny moving pictures, especially when you look at the 3D offerings. You’re going to need a working knowledge of trigonometry and algebra to hit the heights.


You can’t even escape this stuff by focusing on the innerworkings of the brain. When it comes to Psychology, there’s a tsunami of statsheading your way, so you’re going to have to memorise some equations, rememberwhat a “median” is and be able to spot trends in a mess of facts’n’figures.

ASTAR Writer

Mate, do you have any idea how much concentration it takesto put together a shortarticle on how calculus works?!


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