Things You Should’ve Done Now You’re Halfway Through Year 12

Things You Should’ve Done Now You’re Halfway Through Year 12

Time flies like the wind; fruit flies like a banana.

It’s almost May! Here’s where you should be at. And if you’renot, it’s time for drastic action. Or a training montage.

Haveyour related texts

The last thing you want is to be scrabbling around for these atthe last minute. Get them sorted, and get them firmly in your memory so you canrefer to them without having to strain your brain. Here’s someadvice on finding quality related texts.

Have aformula/cheat sheet for each topic in each class

Well, the ones you’ve covered so far, anyway. Look online for examplesthat other people have made, and ask the other humans around you what they’reusing. Sharing resources is caring… resources. (Sorry, we need to work on ourcatchy rhymes.)

Have astudy schedule that works best for you

By now, you should’ve experimented with a few differentschedules and figured out the one that’s working best for you. Now’s a goodtime to revisit that (*cough* start that *cough*) and formalise it. Which meansfilling out a weekly calendar of where/when you study certain subjects andtopics.

Lookedat scholarships

Yeah, it’s a bit of work to fill out the applications and sendthem in, but we’re here to help with all the boring admin parts. Plus… youmight get free money to study!

Have anidea of what you’d like to study at uni

Don’t feel like you have to lock everything in right now, but it’suseful to have a goal in mind. Checkout our Subject Finder app if you’re feeling a bit clueless about thefuture… or just want to know what would suit you.

Haveyour notes organised

Is everything in a big messy pile? Are you pretending that youhave a system which nobody else would understand, and would be utterly ruinedif you tidied your room? We see you. Getorganised! Separate folders, post-it notes, a system that you could teachsomeone else.


Build little breaks into your study routine

Build little breaks into your study routine

It’s easy to get locked into your desk chair for long periods of time. Here are some ways to make sure you take a little break from your study. Just don’t go too far in the other direction – you still gotta smash through that work! The best way to have a break is to…

What to eat during last-minute study sessions

What to eat during last-minute study sessions

Rewarding yourself, or if we’re being more honest here – bribing yourself with snacks is a long-standing and reputable study hack. The idea is that after every paragraph or page you read, you will find a sour worm staring up into your tired eyes. You pick it up, dust the sugar off your stained-yellow textbook…

Learn how to learn, learners

Learn how to learn, learners

Learning is a tricky process with so many things to account for. It’s so easy to find yourself overwhelmed as you fumble your way through various textbooks, journals and crash course YouTube videos. You have things like time constraints to manage, resources to compete for and even biological issues such as The Forgetting Curve. While…