Things to actually be scared about this Halloween

Things to actually be scared about this Halloween

There are worse things than ghosts and goblins and theghosts of goblins…

Most of the time, we do our best to stay positive, upbeat and focused on the good in the world – whether that’s nice things that are happening or ways we can personally use our time and energy to improve existence. But today, right now, we’re strapping on our scary monster masks and jumping out of the shadows to SCARE YOU!

The planet’s burning up

Hotter than the flames of Hell (or the backyard bonfire youdance around in your shiny red Devil costume), this globe of ours is raisingthe roof on record temperatures. Sure,you can sail around the world spreading the word like Greta Thunberg, but isanyone listening out there?! Anyone with political power to change things, wemean.

Food security is a major threat

You think the drought only affects farmers and those poor skin’n’bones cows they show on the news? Nah, we are potentially heading for a period where we don’t produce enough food to feed everyone. Right now one in nine people around the planet regularly go hungry, which means they suffer nutritional deficiencies. It’s not just drought, of course – when there’s a war, farmers often have to flee to save their families.

The oceans are depopulating

And once again, we’re to blame. Overfishing and that global warming we mentioned have meant a massive depletion in the number of fishies and friends swimming between continents. Plus there’s also coral bleaching, bycatch issues and commercial fishing monoliths who crowd out local fishers who can’t compete. Oh, and all the garbage we’ve pumped into the waterways.

There’s a skeleton inside you

Like, there’s a skull living INSIDE YOUR FACE. Look aroundyou – there are skeletons everywhere, sloshing around inside skinbags ofblood and organs and grossness. Horrific.

Extinctions are speeding up

Scientists estimate that we’re losing species of flora andfauna at roughly a thousand times the usual rate. This is a sad figure on itsown, but the really scary thing is that our ecosystems are really complex andwe have no idea what impact these extinctions are having on a larger scale. Oneday, when it’s just us, ibises and cockroaches sitting under lantana and Paterson’scurse, everything’s going to be very different.


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