The Old Willow Tree

The Old Willow Tree

The house was old, the town was always cold and it snowed for 10 months out of 12. Every day the same old people walked their same old paths waving to one another as they walked past. Around the corner and up the hill was my spot, my special place away from the harsh world. My old willow tree sat on the hill swinging with the wind. For some, it was just a tree, but not for me. I knew its secrets. Around the backside of the tree was an opening to another world, noticeable only to those who believed in it. The tree was filled with exciting mysteries and spooky paths that lead to enchanting adventures in another world, but only those brave enough to venture deep past the first path saw the many beauties this tree had to offer. If you were one of the unfortunate ones who dared to stray from the path, then you’d stay there and your path would be written in stone and not carved by you.

I was always scared to go through the opening. Scared that I’d get lost or hurt down there until one day, I conquered my fears. I wanted to get out of that damned town, where everything stayed the same – cold and old. I knew that my hatred for the town, was stronger than my fear or the unknown, so I marched into that tree, trusted my gut and never looked back.


Fifty years later, the house is new, and the town is always warm and sunny. Every day the same people walk different paths and the same path is walked by different people. In front of my house is a willow tree, I planted when I arrived fifty years ago. My grandchildren explore the tree like I did before. The tree is as special my first one. Inside I found my courage, and every time I return to the simple old willow tree, swaying in the wind I’m reminded that my destiny is my own. I’m one of the few people who can say I found myself before the regular pattern of the other town members found me.

I found my path in that tree, now it’s your turn to brave your fears and live life your way.


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