The 2019 guide to being efficient

The 2019 guide to being efficient

Start by reading this twice as fast as usual.

Efficiency is good. Keep going. Hurry!

Track your time

These days everyone’s phone is telling them how much time they’ve spent staring at the screen. Extend that idea by noting down how you’re using every minute of your day, and seeing where you’re wasting time. (Most of it will be wasted in noting down how you’re using your time.)

Plan your week

Before Monday rolls around, have an idea of what you’re going to be doing and when. Some things will be locked in – like when your classes are – but plan the rest around that. Then stick to that plan. Unless things change. Then you should make a new plan. And stick to that. Unless-

Schedule your distractions

In an ideal efficient world, your phone will be in Aeroplane Mode for most of the day. But that’s unrealistic and irritating advice. So, instead, think about the activities that distract you from your work and build them into your schedule. And stick to it. Unless there’s some hot goss you need to share before Ashleigh tells everyone and gets the glory.

Walk faster

Especially if we’re stuck behind you on the footpath. If you can move faster on your feet, you’ll get where you’re going more quickly and you’ll be slightly more fit. Win-win. Maybe not for your sneakers.

Watch videos at 2x speed

We don’t have time to linger over the pleasures of film. Speed it up and absorb twice the visuals! Same goes for audio – if it doesn’t sound like chipmunks talking, it’s not efficient. Plus, if you’re walking faster, you’ll want to get those podcasts finished more quickly.

Finish those tasks

It doesn’t matter if they aren’t as perfect as you’d like. It’s better to get something done than to have it drag on and on. Knock it over and kick it out the door. There’s always something else to do.


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