Start your morning off with a banger

Start your morning off with a banger

Wake up with a playlist for the day to get you in the mood forthe following 24 hours…

When you’re trying to get motivated for the day, it can helpto listen to a song or 12 that capture a real mood. Here are some day-based playliststhat will get you up and about – even if it’s just to skip the next song becauseit sucks. No judgement!


Sleeping in, lazy breakfast, pretending the day will last forever,listening to this playlist: that’s what Sundays are made of.


There’s no point fighting it – we all wish it were Sundaycos that’s my fun day. Or something like that. Battle Monday with this lot of madmusics. And get angry at Last Friday You for leaving you a big stack of stuffto do this morning.


What even is Tuesday? It’s such a nothing day, where the weekendfades behind you and there’s so so so so long to go until Friday arvo. Hopefullythis motivates you until bedtime.


The only thing worse than hump day is people who call it “humpday”. Drown them out with this selection of midweek choons from like a decade orso ago.


Thursday makes Tuesday look like Wednesday, doesn’t it? Atleast there’s late-night shopping, so you can hang out at the mall for longer,with this after-dark soundtrack.


Ohhhhhhh, so close you can almost taste it, can’t you? Timeto smash through everything you’ve got left to do for the week so Monday Youdoesn’t get mad at you. Here’s some new stuff to earball.


Finally! Time to kick back and chiiiiiillllllllll, enjoy theweekend and not think about how it should be three days long really…


Discover “old” music this summer

Educate yourself on the classics. And not just because some Boomer told you to. There’s nothing worse than hearing some old relative talk about how there’s been no good music since they were a teenager, and that “E^ST is just Alanis Morissette doing Carole King”. It can make you not want to listen to their…

Why does listening to music make me feel so good?

Why does listening to music make me feel so good?

It’s science! Some species-ist snobs will tell you an enjoyment of music is unique to humans, but if you’ve ever seen a galah go nuts to some fresh bangers, you’ll know that’s a lie. Anyway, we come straight from the womb with a special affinity for music. Babies love it, toddlers carry on like galahs…

Want to get into podcasting?

It’s easier than you think, especially if you’ve got something to say. And a microphone. Or a microphone app. Get your research done There are heaps of podcasts out there, ready and waiting for your earballs. Before you embark upon your own recording adventure, listen to a bunch of them and take notes. Do you…