Science: Depth Studies – what are the options?

Science: Depth Studies – what are the options?

Let’s take a deep dive dowwwwn tooooo the deeeeeep…

These days if you’re planning to get all science-like inyour Year 11 and/or Year 12 scenarios, you’re going to be devoting a fairportion of your time to a Depth Study, which is so important it gets twocapital letters. Depth. Study.

So anyway, a DEPTH STUDY is an investigation or activitythat you complete throughout the year, which develops one or more concepts fromthe syllabus. Or inspired by the syllabus, if you’re trying to avoidcopyright issues. So what are we talking about here?

Conduct an experiment

Strap on your lab coat, mess up your hair and start pouringbubbling coloured fluids from one beaker to another until everything explodes.Or, you know, test a hypothesis/claim/device and add something to the big pileof knowledge humanity possesses. Like old mate here:

Design slash invent something

First you do up some blueprints, then you build a working model. Then you have a major tantrum because your “working” model doesn’t. Then you say, “Back to the drawing board!” way too many times, with a pencil behind your ear. Eventually, you have a full Instagram profile dedicated to the fruits of your imagination and creativity. Like old mate here:

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Deliver a presentation

This doesn’t have to be standing in front of a crowd withsweaty palm cards and undies. It could also be a documentary film or mediareport, a fancy poster with like doors that open or even a literature reviewthat pulls together all the current research on a given topic. But really, youshould consider the first option. Like old mate here:

Analyse that data

If you’ve been paying attention, you might notice that everyone’s talking up the perks of mining data for information that can do a whole bunch of stuff – like help companies figure out how their customers access their products or make improvements to the way we deliver essential services (like medical treatment and pizza). This option will see you gathering a bunch of numbers or whatever, then making stories from that information. Like old mate here:

Wait, that’s the wrong gif. Sorry.

Something else

Dunno. You’re the one with the lab coat and bubbling beakers.You tell us, old mate.


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