The Regionate Challenge 2021

The Regionate Challenge 2021

Are you a regional student in Year 10 or 11 with a bright idea? Tell us all about it at the Regionate Challenge!

What’s this challenge all about?

The Regionate Challenge is a 4-week challenge where your team develops an innovative solution to create social impact in your community.

Learn the entrepreneurial mindset, scale your start-up and face real world challenges, all whilst being guided by innovators at the University of Sydney’s Innovation Hub. Innovative thinking is crucial to find effective solutions to our biggest problems. If you’re a changemaker, this challenge is for you.

Every Friday, we’ll release a lesson exploring these ideas to help you complete your weekly activity. Will your team be the Regionate winner?

Register here for free and get your team together (2-5 members)

See our brief activity overview summary for more information


Winners: $1000 to the winning school, a paid overnight trip to Sydney AND a computer tablet for each team member

Finalist: Gift vouchers

All teams: Certificate of Participation


Due to overwhelming demand and interest for the competition, we have decided to extend our registration times by one week.

If you’re having trouble registering, or need special time considerations, please get in touch with Nicholas Stevens from the Innovation Hub (

Week 1, 14 May: First lesson and activity released

Week 1 activity: Introduce yourselves to us!

Week 2, 21 May: First activity due, second lesson and activity released

Week 2 activity: Learn about innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship

Week 3, 28 May: Second activity due, third lesson and activity released

Week 3 activity: Learn about SCAMPER and creativity to create your own bright idea!

Week 4, 4 June: Third activity due, final lesson and activity released

Week 4 activity: Coming 4 June

11 June: Final activity due

18 June: Winners and finalists announced

See the winners and finalists for 2020!

Need help?

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Get in touch with Nicholas Stevens from the Innovation Hub ( with your questions, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Metronate: Week 2

Metronate: Week 2

Thank you for introducing yourself with your team video! This week we’ll look at questions like: what is innovation and entrepreneurship, and what are some examples of those concepts?

Metronate: Week 3

Metronate: Week 3

Fantastic job with your videos! And thank you for submitting your work.  This week, we dive into the main activity, which is your innovative idea. To do this, we explore a tool called SCAMPER; define Social Impact; and look at some brainstorming tips.

Metronate: Week 1

Metronate: Week 1

Thank you for registering for Metronate. Get prepared to start your Metronate journey and gain insights into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. Week 1 is an introductory week with no academic content. Since it is an introductory week, we want to meet you!