How to ace friendship



Making new friends is hard, and making sure that it’s a meaningful friendship is even harder. Lucky for you, we know some hacks to make making friends easy(er).

Make an effort to see the person regularly

The more you see someone, the more you like them. Seems simple right?  The reason is the same as the idea of familiarity: we tend to like things that we know well. As a result, by having regular meet-ups or by simply seeing the person you like regularly, there is a higher likelihood that a positive friendship can be built.

Gift giving or doing favours

People love gifts, because it means that you’ve thought of them when they’re not around. Bringing someone a coffee or buying them an ice cream on a hot day can do wonders for your friendship. And lucky for you, they’ll probably return the favour!

Compliment, praise or flattery

People tend to like others more if they like them back. If you see the person doing something well or if you notice something positive, say it. They will appreciate it. But try not to focus on physical compliments. Telling someone they’re smart, funny or interesting will make them feel great for days.

Bond over things you have in common

If you see someone with a Star Wars backgroud and you also love Star Wars, let them know. People bond of similarities, such as KUWTK, basketball, even their star sign! Some of the best people you meet will do the same thing as you, like be on the same team, same elective or same concert, and the more questions you ask them, the more you’ll learn about your new friend. People also love talking about themselves so it’s really a win-win.



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