Metronate: Week 4

Metronate: Week 4

Awesome submissions! Keep up the professionalism and presentation quality! We’re super excited to see your big ideas.

This week, we refresh your idea, then pivot and scale it worldwide! To help out, we went through some definitions and examples. 


A one page PDF document submission of the week 4 task. Additionally, please complete the Feedback Form
Due date: 3rd Dec


Refresh your previous idea by: 

Fill out and submit the Feedback Form. Please note that completing this form is worth participation marks. Positive or negative feedback will not influence the mark you receive.

This activity is worth 23 marks. 


Simply email your one page PDF to and make sure permissions are enabled for all to view.

If you have any questions, please contact the team through


Metronate 2021 Winners!

Metronate 2021 Winners!

Congratulations to Mitchell Minks from Mitchell High School and Adorable Chicken Duckies from Fairvale High School on winning the Metronate Challenge!

Metronate: Week 2

Metronate: Week 2

Thank you for introducing yourself with your team video! This week we’ll look at questions like: what is innovation and entrepreneurship, and what are some examples of those concepts?

Metronate: Week 3

Metronate: Week 3

Fantastic job with your videos! And thank you for submitting your work.  This week, we dive into the main activity, which is your innovative idea. To do this, we explore a tool called SCAMPER; define Social Impact; and look at some brainstorming tips.