Last-minute HSC tips

Last-minute HSC tips

It’s almost upon us. Here’s some stuff to keep in mind. Aroundall those facts’n’formulae.

Manage your time management

One big factor in exams is keeping track of how much time you have left. Doing some practice papers on the clock is a good way to gain an understanding of how long an hour is when you’re smashing through multiple-choice questions.

Get your hands in shape

Practising essays isn’t only to get you in the mental flowof answering tricky questions under pressure. It’s also a great way to makesure your writing hand can handle the pressure of having to push out ink forhours on end.

Do a wrap-up of your subjects

A final lap of everything you’ve covered so far is a greatway to test any weak spots in your knowledge. We’re not talking excessive studyhere – more of a quick run-through of your syllabuseseseses.

Check in with your friends

A bit of group study never goes astray, especially if you’re working with people who are as committed to this thing as you are. Don’t let everyone whip each other up – stay calm and positive.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

There are multiple exams coming your way, so don’t cram somuch that you burn out halfway through. Take some time to relax and destressbetween exams as much as possible. Don’t walk out of one and straight into atextbook.

Read other people’s work

Not from this year, obviously. But you should read throughsome top-marks responses from previous years to get a sense of what they looklike. This doesn’t mean you have to slavishly copy them, either – but it canhelp give you some fresh angles.

Have a healthy snack

Some people get so nervous they can’t eat before an exam, but it’s worth trying to at least have healthy. Your brain needs energy as much as your body does. Avoid coffee or Coke – you don’t want to be having to go to the toilet during the exam!

Get some sleep

This won’t be easy if you’re feeling nervous and your brainis going a million kilometres an hour. Don’t spend all night on last-minutestudy – it’s better to be as rested as possible.

Don’t panic

It’ll be fine.

And don’t give up

You’re near the end!


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