Keep your hands busy with the Fidget Cube

Keep your hands busy with the Fidget Cube

Raise your chewed nails and ink-stained fingers if you can’t sit still.

The ends of all my pens are chewed. My hands are constantly in and out of my pockets in social situations, when I’m not pulling out my phone to check nothing in particular.

I can’t stop doodling in classes and meetings when I should be listening to whoever’s talking. My leg shakes like a dog who’s scared of fireworks, bumping rhythmically against the underside of my desk. But now, it seems, there’s something to keep my hands occupied in any scenario, so I can focus on whatever else is happening.

The Fidget Cube! Isn’t it beautiful? Every side has a different activity, like those toys you give to toddlers so they learn motor skills and stay entertained. There’s a switch to flick, a ball to roll, a side to rub, a joystick to push and clickers to click. For those of us who find it hard to sit still, it’s a bit of a godsend. And it comes it all different colours, too!

The Kickstarter campaign that brought this weird little device to life raised nearly .5 million, which just goes to show we’re not alone in our inability to sit still.

Brothers Matthew and Mark MacLachlan, who invented the thing, told AdWeek, “We both have a hard time sitting still while working. When we’re brainstorming, working through a project or just on a phone call, we almost always are moving around and playing with things at our desks.”

Of course, they’re not available in Australia yet. And they cost US0, which seems a bit steep. So for now I’ll continue to annoy people by clicking this pen over and over and over again. If they want me to stop, they can buy me a Fidget Cube.


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