How to relax now the HSC is over

How to relax now the HSC is over

You’ve forgotten how to relax, haven’t you?

It’s a funny thing, once your exams are done. You’ve been in hard mode for so long, always having a bunch of stuff to do, that it can feel strange not to have any study-based responsibilities. Thankfully, it doesn’t take too long to get back in the swing of relaxing, having fun and not worrying about cracking those books.

Read something… for fun!

You’ve spent a lot of time poring over textbooks and notesand such, and now you’re free to indulge in some personal reading time. If youlove books, now’s a great time to get stuck into a looooong fantasy epic orstick your nose into an old favourite.

Reading? Are you kidding?

Okay, you’re not a big reader. But there’s definitely something you enjoy. Hanging with friends, playing videogames, watching the cricket – it’s all there for you to enjoy, guilt-free. As long as you’ve done your chores and all that, of course.

Do some yoga or meditation

Your brain’s used to going a mile a minute. Spending sometime quietly refocusing can work wonders for reducing your stress levels. Wehave a beginner’s guide to yoga here, if you’re looking to take up a newhobby now that you’ve got some free time.

Take up a new hobby

Hey – that’s a great idea! Even if yoga’s not your thing, maybe there’s something else you’ve been interested in having a go at. There’s no better time than right now, so do some research and dig into your new activity. Or, you know, go back to an old one.

Go outside and enjoy the world

When you’ve been cooped up behind a desk for a while, it’seasy to neglect the physical side of things. Go for a walk, hit the gym, soakup some sunshine and definitely go for as many swims as possible. Before youknow it, you’ll be back to your usual relaxed self.

Just try not to think about when your results will bearriving…


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