How to do a bit of study every day during HSC

How to do a bit of study every day during HSC

And do it without burning out!

When you’re waist-deep in the ordeal that is the HSC, withsore hands, a sore head, regrets over what you forgot to include in past examsand all that presssssure, it can be difficult to maintain your balance. On theone hand, you don’t want to collapse under the stress by pushing yourself toohard. On the other hand, you don’t want to be disappointed with the lack ofeffort you put in when those results arrive.

The important thing is to “top up” the reserves you already have, by carving out time to do a bit of study that will keep your brain ticking over in a positive way.

Listen to some notes while you walk

Getting out and moving is important during a time when everything is focused on your brain. And while the blood’s pumping, it’s useful to listen back to some notes you’ve recorded on your phone, or a related podcast. Just to keep that info fresh.

Scan through stuff on the toilet

Look, if you prefer to keep the bathroom a sanctuary of peace, that’s fine. But if you’re like most of us, sitting there getting pins’n’needles in your legs while scrolling Insta… you may as well use that time to quickly go over how that equation goes instead.

Learn while hanging with family or friends

Imagine this scenario: you’re chucking a ball back and forth while a third person quizzes you from flashcards or your notes. That’s an efficient way to get facetime (not FaceTime) with people you love while also chipping away at that study. You could also do this while you’re having tea if it’s not too annoying for everyone.

Go through what you know while swimming

Or lying on a towel – your call. This sounds similar to that“walk” entry above, but it’s different in two ways. First, you’re cooling offand enjoying yourself in the water (or in the sunshine). Second, you’re goingthrough what’s already in your head, checking what you need to check once you’vedried off.

But also, you should be doing some fun things that aren’t “tainted”by study. So have a cup of tea, zone out and spend some time thinking about (a)nothing or (b) somethingtotally stupid. It’s worth it.


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