How to cram successfully

How to cram successfully

This information. Your brain. Let’s get them together.

Sometimes, no matter how good your planning or intentionsare, you run out of time to study everything you should. Life gets in the way,but you still have to do sit down for an exam very, very soon. So what are thebest ways to improves your chances of not blowing it? Here are some options foryou. But first up, relax. Take a deep breath. Don’t panic.


Put away all distractions

Even at this late stage, the habit of checking socials andwhatever else is fun around you will be strong. Put away your phone andanything else that will keep you from getting this thing done.

Work on the big stuff

Don’t try to get every teeny-tiny little fact into your memory, because it won’t work. We’re down to the wire here, which means your best bet is to focus on getting any major information blocks or key points locked away. In fact, the best thing to do when you first sit down is scope out what you’re going to teach yourself here. Having a plan is a good way to calm yourself down and keep on track.

Have some caffeine

If it’s the night before your exam, this can backfirebecause it’s also ideal to get a great night’s sleep, but if you’re in desperationmode, there’s some help to be found in a cup of coffee or two. It’ll raise youralertness, help you remember some stuff a bit better and xxx. Don’t gooverboard! You’ll get a headache and the jitters.

Use the Pomodoro method

We’ve talked about this before – it’s basically a timerwhere you work intensely for 50 minutes then do something else for 10 minutes.That might be getting up for a stretch, heading into the kitchen for achat/snack, watching YouTube… then it’s back to the desk for another 50-minute chunkof study.

If it helps, use a playlist

Here are five examples we put together earlier for solid background tunes. This works better for some people than others, so if it’s distracting, turn the music off.

Break it up

Focus on one thing, have a break, focus on something else,have another break then go back to the first thing. It’s easier toremember information if you’ve encountered it more than once. Ideally thatwould be on different days, over time, but we’re working with what we’ve got.

Don’t stay up all night

We mentioned this back when we were pumping up caffeine, butyou’re way better off getting a proper night’s sleep than hitting the bookstill daybreak. Your best weapon is your brain, and it needs rest to functionproperly.


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