How to be consistent

How to be consistent

You’ve got the dream, now here’s the drive.

The other day we were dropping quotes without saying who they were from and talking up the wonders of being consistent, but just when you were about to ask for some practical, hands-on advice for making that happened, we swanned off.

Sorry about that.

Here are some ways to support yourself in turning up each day with the same grit and determination as someone in a movie training montage.

Make a motivational playlist

So you’ve got this huge mountain of work in front of you – so much to do and know before you reach the top of your game. Ignore that mountain for a minute and make yourself a kickass playlist. One that’ll get you fired up and ready to take on the world. If you’re not sure where to start, this vintage tune is unbeatable… LIKE YOU!

Demolish that mountain

Okay, so you’ve got an overall goal… or at least a vague direction. Take that, and break it down into smaller, manageable chunks. You don’t have to memorise the entirety of Physics today, you just have to revise this one chapter. You won’t swim 100 laps today – two is enough to aim for if you could only swim one yesterday. Bit by bit, you’ll get there.

Make reminders for yourself – everywhere

You’re going to become the worst nag in your own life. It’s going to be painful (for now). Wherever you spend your time, you’re going have a reminder waiting. On your PS4 controller. On the roof above your bed. On the back on the toilet door. On your phone’s wallpaper. In your diary. Use Post-its, app-based reminders, shower steam, the back of your hand… everywhere you look.

Treat yourself when you get it done

You can’t get through life without a pat on the back once in a while, so build some rewards into your schedule. When you achieve something, it’s time for a prize. This doesn’t have to be major – in fact, it should be tied to how difficult a given task was. So don’t chuck a party every time you read a chapter. Before long, you’ll be consistent without the rewards.


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