How did the Hottest 100 go this year?

How did the Hottest 100 go this year?

Once again, the nation gathered to find out our favourite choons.And once again, it was a surprising mix of tracks, including heeeeeaps ofAussie acts (66 of them, to be specific).

Triple J’s Hottest 100 is one of Australia’s annual unifyingtraditions, especially now it’s not on January 26 anymore. It brings together musicfans, barbecue fans and old people who wanna whinge that they don’t recognise anyof these songs and what happened to real music and who’s doing thisPowderfinger cover?!

(It was ASTAR fave Thelma Plum making everyone burst into tears at #92.)

On that note, this year set a new record for songs featuringIndigenous artists, with Thelma, Sycco, Birdz, Beddy Rays and The Kid Laroi (hegot two entries).

So what did we learn about what Australia likes to listen tothis year?

Well, apparently we can’t get enough Lime Cordiale. The Sydney-basedbrothers scored five entries – which is a lot, considering Banoffee didn’t evenget one. Absolutely dudded. And where was E^ST? Confidence Man? StellaDonnelly?

Okay, enough whinging. *ahem* After Lime Cordiale, SpaceyJane had the next most entries, with four… including in thenumber-two slot.

But even though Aussies dominated the top 10, the crown wastaken by British act Glass Animals, with Heat Waves. Appropriate on a dayso many of us were lounging in inflatable pools in the backyard.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Hottest 100 without at least one novelty song. In the distant past we’ve voted up tracks like 6.66 (1/100th of the Number of the Beast) and You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man, and this year it was Victorian Premier Dan Andrews (via Mashd N Kutcher) with Get On The Beers…


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What does the Hottest 100 of the Decade say about music?

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