Halloween is Australian now

Halloween is Australian now

So stop whinging, bung on a costume and follow these Halloween Insta make-up artists.

It’s funny how so many of the people who complain about Halloween being American so we shouldn’t take part in it here are happy to smack Big Macs and watch superhero movies, isn’t it? There are plenty of things to criticise in the US, but you have to admit they’ve really nailed dress-up parties.

We might not be a nation of trick-or-treaters yet, but it’s noticeable how much Halloween has pierced the Aussie veil over the past few years. Coles even have a pumpkin display at their entrance, complete with stencils so you can carve scary faces into them. And there are some very, very Australian costumes out there (including ones that aren’t racist!).

If you’re anti-Halloween, you’re on the wrong side of history. It’s time to give in to your spooky side and dance like a creature of the night. Or at least wear plastic fangs and fake blood.

Inspo Corner

Here are some amazing make-up accounts you should be following to ensure your Halloween look is scarier than the idea we might be celebrating Thanksgiving Down Under one day…

Yup, who doesn’t love a classic Frankenstein get up – remember though, the monster is the really scary dude, not Frankenstein himself!

#HALLOWEENCOUPLEGOALS @ab_bowen & @oliviadbuck killing the halloween game with makeup by yours truly #annalingis Product details to follow on on individual pics. #kissfmhouseparty #kissfm #halloween #halloweenmakeup #skull #skulls #pirates #mermaid #darkmermaid #glitter #glam #piratesofthecaribbean #makeup #halloweeninspo #mua #londonmakeupartist #KISSHousePartyLive
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