Get used to writing with a pen

Get used to writing with a pen

Unless you’ve got a good reason, you can’t do your examswith a keyboard.

It’s kinda ridiculous in this day and age. When you sit downto do your HSC exams, you’ll have to make use of a skill that nobody uses much anymore– writing with a pen or pencil like we’re living in the Dark Ages. When youcross from the real world into that hall, it’s like you step back in time andkeyboards or phones don’t even exist.

But hey – we should be grateful they don’t hand out a quill and pot of ink, I suppose.

Like any skill, you’ll have to get into shape before the big run of exams so you don’t cramp up and cost yourself marks. From now, you should get used to using a pen. Whenever you see an opportunity, use that old-timey ink and paper instead of an app.

Copy out your notes freehand

This is a big way to help yourself, because writing things out with a pen helps them to stick in your brain differently than when you type them out. It also means you’re getting muscle practice on the same material you’ll have to produce under exam conditions. And you can go absolutely nuts with highlighters if that’s your sort of thing.

Keep a diary or journal

Spend some time writing about your thoughts, feels and plans for the future each day. Even if you set aside 15 minutes, that’s time where you’re working those hands while also sifting through what’s going on emotionally. This doesn’t have to be an over-emotional tell-all where you’re spattering your diary with tears – it could be a rundown of what you got up to that day, or a way to keep track of some goal you’re chasing.

Get pen-palled up

All your classmates need to build up their writing skills, too, so you could consider getting in the habit of writing each other proper letters. Then, in the distant future when some historian discovers them, you could end up helping future generations understand what life was like in 2020. So make sure you fill those letters with plenty of lies.

Do some practice exams

This is the biggie. Answering past papers under fake examconditions will get you in shape for the real thing. So grab a biro and getscribbling!


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