Get ready for the year by studying the syllabuses

Get ready for the year by studying the syllabuses

They’re like a walkthrough for Year 12. Spoilers incoming…

Here’s the good news: everything you need to know this year isavailable to you. The less good news: it can take a fair amount of reading onyour part.

But if you want to get a sense of what to expect from thecoming year, what you’ll be required to know and write about in exams, it’sworth having a good look through allllll the syllabuses that are sitting there,just waiting to be explored.

Here are all the NSW ones, from A-Z. There are a lot of them. And they are long.

Why am I reading these again?

They’ll give you a very useful overview of the whole HSCexperience, including things like aims, objectives and outcomes – basically thethings markers want to see from you. Reading through the whole lot will helpyou understand why you’re learning these things. They’ll tell you what you areexpected to know, and what you’re expected to do.

They’ll also give you some insight into the thinking behind why you’re learning this stuff, which can be useful if you’re feeling lost or confused along the way.

Okay but what’s the most important bit? Like if I’m waytoo busy playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 to read it all. For example.

Righto, if you’re only in this for a skim, go straight tothe course content section. That’s where you’ll find out specificallywhat you need to know – as well as “inquiry questions” that form the basis foreverything you’ll be facing this year.

For example, in one section of the Chemistry syllabus you’llfind questions like:

And under each of them is a list of things you’ll be doing alongthe road to understanding the answers to those questions, like “conduct apractical investigation to measure the pH of a range of acids and bases”.

So straightaway you know that you’re going to have to beacross acids and bases, as well as the in-depth details of those things, whichmeans you can start doing some early research (or at least make a note for yourselfto look them up after you and Luigi vacuum up all those ghosts.