Five amazing women of SCIENCE!


It sounds better if you yell it – SCIENCE!

There have been many female heroines in the SCIENCE! caper overthe centuries, from Aglaonice to Marie Curie. But enough about the past – here arefive women doing amazing things in the field as you eyeball these words…

Ewine van Dishoeckhas her head in the clouds

Imagine receiving an award for “elucidating the life cycleof interstellar clouds and the formation of stars and planets”. To get there,you need to do a couple of things (start by looking up “elucidating”). Dutchprofessor Ewine van Dishoeck is an astrochemical pioneer, which means shedetermines the structure of cosmic objects using their molecular spectra.Seriously, that sounds like something out of a Marvel movie. This woman couldstop Thanos, is what we’re saying.

Anna K. Behrensmeyerdigs into the planetary past

“A pioneer in the study of the fossil records of terrestrial ecosystems” sounds like a fairly amazing way to be described, doesn’t it? Since 1986, “Kay” Behrensmeyer has been leading research that combines the powers of anthropology, geology, paleobiology, evolutionary biology and ecology. That’s a lot of -ologies, isn’t it? Well she’s also a master of taphonomy, which is how we interpret information contained in the fossil record and use it to figure out what was happening way back when.


Petra Stock is allabout that renewable energy

Closer to home, Petra Stock has been toiling away at the coalfaceof renewable energy, ensuring there’s less people toiling away at coalfaces andmore people toiling away at… windfaces? Sunfaces? Anyway, she’s the ClimateCouncil’s lead on energy and climate solutions, which means she’s across policydetails. Which means she’s doing science-y things in a more office-yenvironment, showing that it’s not all about wearing lab coats and smiling attest tubes.

If you’ve been paying attention, you might have acouple-three worries about what we’re all going to be drinking a few decades’time. JoëlleGergis spends her workdays looking at water security, reconstructing Southern Hemisphere climatevariability over the past 200-1000 years using tree rings, corals, ice coresand historical records. She wrote a book, SunburntCountry: The History and Future of Climate Change in Australia, thatyou should probably read. Or at least have sitting on your bookshelf to impressvisitors.

Wait, you say – that was only four amazing women of science! Yes, but the fifth one is you! Isn’t that just so inspirational? Unless you’re a male person reading this. Hmm. We didn’t think this through, did we? Back to the lab, girls!

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