Binge watching: how to do it right

Binge watching: how to do it right

Planning an epic viewing sesh? Follow these important tips. 

Whether you’re speeding through multiple series of a TV show or working your way down a movie rabbit hole, there are important steps you should take to ensure the best experience. Here are some useful guidelines, based on years and years of sitting in front of a screen.

Don’t announce your plans on social media

Tell everyone you’re going to watch all of Breaking Bad from the beginning and someone will definitely drop a spoiler in the comments. Don’t let that happen.








Stock up on supplies

There’s nothing worse than being three episodes into Game of Thrones and realising you don’t have any salsa to go with those corn chips. Nobody wants to do a 7-11 run when they’re in their binge uniform.

Wear a binge uniform

You need to be comfy if you’re going to get through this. That means wearing your oldest, softest, most stain-resistant outfit. That T-shirt you keep meaning to chuck out, those pyjama pants that are almost see-through in the arse, fluffy socks and a beanie you can pull down over your eyes during the scary parts (this last one is for horror-movie binges).

Recruit a bingeing buddy

This step isn’t entirely necessary, but it’s great to have someone else motivating you when you start thinking it might be time to go for a walk or do some exercise. Stay right there, champ.

Download the UberEATS and/or Menulog app on your phone

At some point you’re going to need pizza or Chinese delivered, and the last thing you want is to have to call the restaurant to order. Make sure you get extra food, so when you realise you’ve watched TV all night and it’s morning… there are breakfast leftovers!

Fix your seating during the credits

Don’t fast-forward the opening credits of each episode – use that time to fluff your cushions, take a quick toilet break and check the fridge for bonus snacks.

Whatever you do, don’t look at the time

Stay focused on the screen, and don’t let your mind wander to all the assignments you have due or what time you have to get up tomorrow morning. It’ll be fine.


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