Australian Values Matter

Australian Values Matter

In a few years’ time without it being watched,

The bad will thrive,

The good will die,

Evilness would take over this country and rise,


What other destruction shall we have to watch?

What can we do?

Do Australian values matter?

Now I am wondering, imagining, dreaming,

What do Australian values mean to me?

It brings our country together as one,

All of us together.

Our looks, food, culture and other differences are put aside and together we revive and survive.

What if these values lasted forever?

No war, no fighting, just peace.

Our country would be one big happy family,

Where everyone’s dreams matter and belong,

Where no one is treated unfairly,

Where no one is second rate,

Where everyone is unique,

Where right is superior to wrong.

But in this country darkness exists,

People are treating each other differently,

In atrocious ways,

By gender,




People are treating each other differently,

Not like the way they want to be treated,

By breaking their hearts into several pieces,

Ending their dreams in seconds,

Stealing the love present in their families,

Snatching their education,

Abandoning their human rights,

Taking their dignity away.

These are not Australian Values,

This is no way,

This should not be any norm.

The Australian values are the keys of a piano,

Without these keys,

No peaceful and light music will be sounded.

Everything would be lost.

No one would live,

A life of peace,


Enjoyment and success

In Australia.


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