Art: Get inspo from your other subjects

Art: Get inspo from your other subjects

Ideas and techniques can come from anywhere, so pay attention in class. Even when it’s not art class.

Sometimes we stuck thinking of all the subjects we study as being separate areas, not connected. But the truth is that there are often interesting links between classes, and what better place to explore them than art? Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

Maths is beautiful

Look at the tessellating patterns with a mathematical basis. Check out fractals and the golden ratio. Draw a perfect circle. There’s a lot of crossover between disciplines, is what we’re saying.

Science is key to understanding

There’s plenty to inspire you in biology, of course, but consider the visually stunning reactions of chemistry or even a demonstration of physics in motion. Look at an eggshell under a microscope and you’ll see a whole new world.

PDHPE reveals the human body

Picture a sporting hero moving with effortless grace or pushing themselves to the ultimate limit of what their body can achieve. How can you recreate that as an artwork?

History is ready for the looting

Modern or ancient, there’s a whole planetful of artworks stretching back through time that you can take inspiration from. There are also the relationships between different cultures and iconic stories of historical figures to mine.

English is words waiting to be pictures

Think of all the amazing characters and stories you’ve been introduced to over the course of your schooling career. Take a poem that hits you in the gut and turn that feeling into something visual.

Legal Studies is…hmm…

Yeah, you’re on your own with this one. Maybe something from a courtroom? A barrister’s wig made of…stuff?


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