Adela Yip: 5 inspiring days as a Student Leader at #wmbb2017

Adela Yip: 5 inspiring days as a Student Leader at #wmbb2017

This January, I was given the incredible opportunity to be a Day Student Leader for the WMBB Summer Program.

Although I had heard amazing stories from past leaders, as a first timer on the program, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I simply started the week with an open mind and excited heart, with nothing but the hope that I could potentially inspire and be inspired.

It’s still so surreal to think that a mere five days before WMBB, the 18 young students who’d chosen the Allied Health stream were simply names on a page.

Five days – late nights and early starts, crazy hot weather, lots of laughter and jokes shared, impromptu karaoke, and so much more – later, I’ve learnt a lot about each of them, their culture, stories, and their hopes and dreams.

It was as if I was living in a sort-of parallel universe for the week – the students became the focus of my life, and inspired me in ways I couldn’t have previously fathomed. It was challenging at times, and a major learning curve, but also immensely rewarding and special.

Just as WMBB was a fantastic opportunity for the students to be given a glimpse of both the rich academic and social life of the University, as well as the highlights of Sydney, they were definitely not the only ones embarking on a journey of learning that week.

I know that the memories made, and experiences shared on WMBB will definitely have an enduring impact on everyone involved – I can’t wait for next year.


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