7 quick ways to manage your stress

7 quick ways to manage your stress

Now we’ve helped you identify what’s wrong, here are some ways to make things a bit better and manage your stress.

None of these quick-fire solutions are going to permanently fix your stressful situation, but hopefully they’ll give you some relief so you can dive back in and smash whatever needs smashing. Godspeed, Moon Cats.

Go for a walk

Get yourself physically away from whatever’s stressing you out. If it’s in your head, listen to music or a podcast while you’re walking, so your attention is on something else while you’re getting the blood pumping.

Watch a video or two

If you can’t get up and go, switch your focus to something fun and distracting on YouTube. It’ll relax you a bit, and you’ll recharge your emotional batteries a bit so you can get back to problem-solving time.

Break from technology for an hour

Disconnecting from the connected world for a short period can do wonders for settling you down. It’s especially helpful if you combine it with some relaxation techniques or meditation, focusing on thinking about nothing.

Make a to-do list

Sometimes it seems overwhelming when there are a million things swirling around in your brain and the clock seems to be doing double-time. Writing down a list of everything you have to do is a great way to free up your mindtanks. And ticking things off is calming, too.

Chat to someone about it

This can be easier said than done, but if you have someone close in your life that you can trust, take some time to talk about what’s weighing on you. Even if they don’t have the answers, talking about problems can ease the stress they’re causing you.

Confront your worries

Take a moment to think about what’s making you feel this way, and figure out if they’re legitimate concerns or just worries about things that might not happen. That doesn’t make them any less “real”, of course, but just knowing why you feel that way is a strong step towards confronting anxiety head-on.

Hug a human (or animal)

Sometimes we need a physical connection more than words. Hugging a friendly creature, whether they’re furry or not, is a great way to get out of your own head and realise there’s a lot more to the world than whatever is bothering you.


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