5 of the best room plants

5 of the best room plants

Once you’ve got your bedroom set up how you like it, it’s time to add some greenery. There are plenty of benefits to having plants in the space you sleep, study and hang out – they purify the air and reduce carbon dioxide, boost your mood and look great. But if your thumb isn’t the greenest, it’s hard to know which ones to get. Here are some ideas to get you started.

A cactus will surviveanything but overwatering

Most plants love a drink, but anything in the cactus family is built to survive on a minimum of water. This means you can set up your spiky friend somewhere sunny, and only give it a drink when you remember to bring a glass into the bedroom. There are heaps of different types, in different colours and shapes, and generally speaking they aren’t too expensive, so you can build up a real collection if you feel like it.

The Krimson Queen isas crazy and unique as its name

Set up a Krimson Queen on a shelf or side table and they’ll become a full-on art installation. They don’t need much watering, and if you give them enough light, they’ll sprout beautiful five-pointed flowers that look like they’re made of wax. If you can’t find them under their royal name, trying looking for flores hoya carnosa instead.

Peace Lilies are lowmaintenance and beautiful

Not only are Peace Lilies easy to look after, they’ll actually look after you, too. They reduce toxin levels in the air – especially the ones that come from being surrounded by computers, painted surfaces and the other bits of modernity we keep in our bedrooms. Set them up in a place with medium to low light, and they’ll get to work making your life better.

The Snake Plant hasmany names and is impossible to kill (almost)

Also known as Tiger’s Tail or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue for its colours and shape, the Snake Plant is one of the hardiest bits of greenery you’ll find – which means it’ll forgive you for forgetting to water it. These plants also look really cool, and can grow pretty big if you have them in the right pot. Plus they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen while you sleep, which is nice.

A Philodendron willthrive in your room

Come springtime, these things will flower beautifully. Forthe rest of the year, a bit of bright, indirect sunlight and the right amountof watering will keep them lush and green (their leaves droop when they’regetting too much or not enough water, so you’ll know straightaway when there’sa problem). Be careful if you’re prone to allergies – touching a Philodendroncan give you a rash.

If anything here has grabbed your interest, don’t be afraidto head to your local nursery and ask for advice on which plants will best suityour bedroom, and how to look after them. They’ll be able to talk you throughpots, soil, fertiliser and all that stuff.


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