5 meme-themed Christmas gifts to buy this year

5 meme-themed Christmas gifts to buy this year

Perfectly summing up 2017 in gift form! 

Okay, so this is kind of cheating, because all I’m really doing here is typing out my own Christmas list. But if you’re strapped for ideas this year, give your friends and loved ones the gift that just keeps giving: memes.

2017 was mostly just one giant walking talking meme. Memes became the only way to communicate, share joy, and laugh through the pain of so, so many idiots in positions of power. To celebrate,  creative geniuses around the world have taken their favourite memes and made them into tangible products you can buy, wrap and give this Christmas. Here are the best of them.


Giving this to my brother this year is going to be the best. No, not because he’s a bigoted racist who wants Trump to build his wall, but because this meme never gets old, and neither does paying out Donald Trump.


Move over Lagerfeld, there’s a new style icon in town. ‘Ol Stefanovic had a big year in the spotlight, thanks to his very public divorce with his wife of 21 years, Cassandra. He is now dating a much younger woman, who seems to be influencing his wardrobe drastically.


Of course this happened. Of course I’m gonna buy it. Also, fun fact, guess how many Instagram followers Salt Bae has? 9.8 million. Not even kidding. See? Memes rule the world.

SpOnGeBoB Mug

The Spongebob mocking meme was definitely in my top three memes of the year. If you lay this on someone right, it’s impossible for them to have a better comeback. It’s like the checkmate of insults. Obviously buying it for my boyfriend.


The videos kids posted from schools, shopping centres and other super public places whilst enacting this meme was Oscar-worthy. The adherence to the rules of the game was beyond admirable. Anyway, put this poster up in the most awkward part of your house (eg. the doorway) and see what happens. And please record it for me.


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