5 good things that came out of the bushfires

5 good things that came out of the bushfires

We find good news where we can, alright?

No doubt you’ve heard plenty about the devastation and painand koala-murder that came with Australia’s most recent batch of fiery awfulness.We don’t need to add to that with reminders about koala-murder. So instead,here are five good things that came from the bushfires! (Fair warning, we’re reachingon a couple of these.)

They brought communities together

In the face of brutal nature and our government’s lack ofaction, Aussies across the nation leaped into battle, helping each other withwater, food, accommodation and emotional support. Collectively, we pooled togetherSO MUCH MONEY to help each other. For a while there, it seemed like everythingwe bought included a small donation to help fight koala-murder or rebuild.  

We saw some public figures’ true colours

Do we even need to go into details here? There’s no bettertest of leadership than a crisis, and it’s only under pressure that you get tosee how the people elected to oversee the country truly perform. If you didn’tknow who was competent or ineffective before all this, you do now. (You’ll alsoknow who is a total idiot.)

International attention has refocused on climate

Nobody wants to be the reason people wear bike helmets, butour devastation is the globe’s opportunity. Stories coming out of Australia –including ones about koala-murder – have energised the international communityto band together for stronger action on climate issues. That doesn’t meanthings will change overnight, but we’re trying to be positive here, remember?

Necessity was the mother of invention

That’s an olllllld saying which means, “When you really needsomething, you’ll figure out how to do it.” In this case, there were lots ofpeople coming up with great ideas to help where they could. One of the mostfamous examples was Erin Riley’sFindABed, an organisation that helped people find a place to stay when they hadto leave their homes.  

We all got cool masks

Just in time for the coronavirus panic! Yay?


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