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    October 23, 2014 Maximising study and minimising stress

    Understanding and managing what contributes to good performance is essential to reduce stress levels for exams. Preparation is the key to performance. This must start early, allowing time to build confidence with the subject matter and assist your memory recall. To perform well in exams you need to think about “training” a range of skills. […]

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    What to eat to help your brain

    Exam time is quickly approaching for HSC and university students. While study is at the forefront, nutrition is often the furthest thing from students’ minds. However, a healthy diet plays a vital role in attaining optimal academic performance during the rigours and challenges of exam time. Key foods and their components have been found to […]

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    How to use music to prepare for exams

    Students, the impending horror of exams is nearly upon you. But music can help you out. To put it simply, turn to tunes to terminate the terror of term-time. As with so many psychological phenomena that have both a cognitive and an emotional component, music can help you to think and feel better during what […]