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    July 20, 2016 Coda Conduct select their Top 5 local hip hop videos

    REMI – For Good – feat. Sampa The Great Surely one of the coolest Aus rap collabs of the year. Remi is one of the artists in the scene really experimenting with sound and pushing the genre forward – and the same can be said of Sampa. They’ve both had a lot of individual success […]

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    April 12, 2016 Hip hop & rap in 1996: Landmark albums that shaped the genre

    Tupac – All Eyez On Me Let’s start with arguably one of the best rap albums to be released during the decade. The late Tupac Shakur dropped All Eyez on Me in February of 1996 on Death Row and featured multiple singles that have since become iconic tunes of the genre. In this two-disc, rap fans […]

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    February 15, 2016 Fresh wave of Aussie hip-hop

    I remember when I was in high school, hip-hop breaking into the mainstream wasn’t really a thing in my small town until Hilltop Hoods dropped The Calling in 2003. All of a sudden, we were bumping “The Nosebleed Section” at underage parties, while the festival scene embraced the Adelaide’s trio’s distinctive voice and penchant for […]