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    February 9, 2015 Gen Y and Z: Entitlement complex, or a quest for meaning?

    In the late 1950s, Frederick Herzberg conducted surveys on what we now term “The Greatest Generation,” those who fought during WWII. Selecting a group of factory workers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Herzberg asked them “what do you like and dislike about your job?” After months of research and a literature review of thousands of similar studies, […]

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    The problem of the 26th of January

    We have a problem: “Australia Day” just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. It’s not that I don’t like public holidays. I’m sure you like them too; after all, it’s a great opportunity to eat barbequed snags, play backyard cricket and quietly dread the imminent start of the school year. It’s also not that I don’t […]

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    February 7, 2015 Christian Thompson, conquering the world

    Christian Thompson is one of Australia’s premier Indigenous artists. He’s been making his mark in Europe, having exhibited at the Royal Academy of the Arts in London, being the first Aboriginal person admitted into Oxford University in its nine hundred year history, and recently meeting the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the […]

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    January 13, 2015 Want to be a regular contributor?

    All right, guys, we need your help. We’re looking for regular contributors: people who can reliably submit, three or four times a month, stories on whatever takes your fancy, in whatever format you like: text, video, images or music. We’re especially in the market for a sports reporter; although the brains of the A•STAR team […]

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    January 12, 2015 Adam Goodes talk at Corroboree Fest

    This year Sydney’s Corroboree featured a talk with Adam Goodes, hosted in the foyer of the Art Gallery of New South Wales (which you can listen to right here). Frankly, I’ve never seen a room of people so hysterical. Every woman in the room was giggling (and a fair few of the blokes too), and […]

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    November 25, 2014 Young Aboriginal artists drumming to a different beat

    When Yothu Yindi sang about a “Treaty” in 1991, its popularity seemed to change the landscape of contemporary Australian music. The significance wasn’t just about its sound, it was about its message; music fans young and old – and notably of all colours – were singing about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues that mattered. […]