May 11, 2017 Why do we have to wait a year for Cloak & Dagger?

We wanna watch it nowwwwwwwww.

Marvel has been crushing it with the superhero TV shows. From Jessica Jones to Daredevil to Luke Cage to Iron Fist (yeah yeah, everyone whinged about Iron Fist, whatever), it’s never been a better time to geek out over gritty shows about damaged people with cool powers.

And now Cloak & Dagger are getting their own series, too!

If you’re asking who the hell Cloak & Dagger are, you’re not alone (but chances are you hadn’t heard of Jessica Jones either). Basically they’re a team defined by light and dark, a definition which covers not only their powers but also their respective skin colours.

Cloak is an African-American runaway who wears a billowing shroud full of shadowy power that lets him teleport and cause trouble thanks to its link to the Darkforce Dimension. Dagger, on the other hand, is a pale-skinned blonde with the ability to make knives of Lightforce that drain people’s energy.

Of course, all that could change in the TV version, which is coming to screens in 2018. Such a shame we never developed those time-travel powers…

Shane Cubis
is a contributor to A•STAR