June 15, 2017 What goes into the sounds of videogames?

From the dawn of games to today, audio has been really important. 

In this video, WIRED magazine gathered together a bunch of game developers and experts to discuss the sounds that accompany some of the world’s most famous games across the decades, from 1972’s Pong to 1998’s Metal Gear Solid.

It gets a bit complex at times, as the guys mention different theories and technical specs, and it’s a shame they didn’t talk more about modern games or even phone apps.

Think about the games you love today, and how different they would be if you played them with the volume down. It’s a part of design we don’t often think about, but these tinny theme tunes and sound effects are embedded in our brains forever.

Say it loud: HADOUKEN!

Shane Cubis
is a contributor to A•STAR