April 17, 2017 What are the world’s favourite books?

And is Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet really Australia’s most important novel? 

One of the best things about the internet is that it’s filled with people willing to spend their time and energy researching and making amazing things for the rest of us to enjoy. Such is the case with mysterious library lover Backforward24, who pulled together this map of the most “famous or important” book from every single country in the world.


Obviously you can’t read that, so click here for a version you can zoom in on.

As you might expect, there have been plenty of arguments already over Backforward24’s choices – is Great Expectations the ultimate British novel? Is To Kill a Mockingbird more American than the Game of Thrones series? – but if you want to get your head into the perspective of another nation, this is a pretty great start.

Still… it’s a bit rich to pick Cloudstreet over Ponting: At the Close of Play as Australia’s most important book.

Shane Cubis
is a contributor to A•STAR