August 11, 2017 We found a magical floating cloud to elevate our music

Want to bring the outdoors in? This levitating, cloud-shaped ambient lamp can transform your living room into an atmospheric skyscape.

Brooklyn-based Richard Clarkson Studio joined forces with magnetic levitation specialists Crealev to create ‘Floating Cloud’, a light design feature for the home.

Clarkson’s hovering cloud speaker made waves on Designboom last year, but after months of design research and user testing, found that the speaker system was not the right direction. The investigation led to the realization of a luminaire in a range of ambient lamp modes available in both white and coloured versions.


A range of ambient lamp modes are available in both white and coloured versions


Sound reactive LED lights flash to the beat of the music in four different styles



The unit hovers approximately 2.75 inches (70mm) off its base


A hidden switch is located at the top of the cloud

Nina Azzarello
is a staff writer for Designboom
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