August 21, 2014 Want to get involved?

Have something to say and want to get your name out there? Enquire within!

Who: Currently enrolled in high school? Interested in new media? Got something to say? No matter if you’re the kaiser of kindness or the sultan of snark, A* wants to give you a voice.

What: Regardless of what you’re into, A* is an opportunity for high-schoolers all across Australia to write for a mass audience. You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with our editors on style, tone and content. Eligible students will also able to acquire writing and editing assistance through yourtutor.

A* accepts contributions on all topics, and in most forms of media. So if you’ve got an essay or opinion piece you’d like to share, or if you and your band want to get the word out on your newest track, or you’re a budding filmmaker looking for an audience, then A* is for you.

Suggested topics for articles include:

  • What it’s like where you live
  • Things that get your blood boiling
  • Explaining young people to us old folks
  • Reviews of books, movies and games
  • Music and gig reviews
  • Who’s wearing what
  • Local sports coverage

Why: And the best part? The contributor of our most popular article every month will be the recipient of a $50 iTunes voucher, plus University of Sydney and Compass merchandise.  Not only that, but the author of our most popular story over a six-month period will win a free iPad! That’s a massive incentive to start writing and get sharing your content.

So even if wordsmithing isn’t something you want to pursue in the future, writing for us is a great way to get your name out there, as well as being something cool and a little bit different that you can put on your resume or portfolio; you might even win some swag in the process. In any case, we – and your peers – want to hear from you. Get involved now!