January 7, 2016 Two companies that are building Sydney

In anticipation of our site visits at architecture firms Cracknell & Lonergan and PTW Architects next week during Wingara Mura – Bunga Barrabugu, we’ve decided to showcase some of the exciting work that these firms do. After all, they’re designing the future of Sydney!

Founded in 1984, Cracknell & Lonergan was founded by Peter Lonergan and Julie Cracknell as a disciplinary architecture and design practice. Since that time, they have worked extensively in areas of environmental heritage, and have worked with a number of conservation projects. In addition, they work extensively with Aboriginal communities, having helped renovate Tranby Indigenous College in Glebe and design the Pemulway Project in Redfern (currently being developed by the Aboriginal Housing Company).Pemulway

Meanwhile, PTW Architects was founded in 1889 by James Peddle. Over the course of its more-than-100-year history, PTW has been responsible for the design and construction of many hundreds of buildings across Australia and South-East Asia. Most recently, PTW (along with Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners) is responsible for the huge waterfront development that comprises the controversial Barangaroo project.Barangaroo-R9_08

Pretty cool! We’ll give you an update once we visit their office next week.

Ryan Wittingslow
is the editor of A•STAR