April 3, 2017 Top 5 ways to become an internet sensation & guest star on Ellen

I’ve been researching for hacks about how to become an overnight internet sensation. One day I’d like to tell my grandchildren that I was a viral video.

In my research I’ve come to realise that your fame is truly measured by:

a) how many likes
b) how many shares
c) If you appear on Ellen

Ellen loves viral video stars, and through my afternoon wandering on YouTube I found myself in a deep pit of Ellen videos (can you blame me?)

That’s when it struck me, I have to be on Ellen to be classed as famous! I thought I’d share some viral internet sensations that have graced the Ellen show, to inspire you, the same way they’ve inspired me.

Alex from Target

1. Alex from Target

Alex from Target is pretty self-explanatory, basically a girl tweeted a photo of a cute guy called Alex and the internet went wild. Seriously… is this all it takes to become internet famous? So famous, that he was invited on Ellen to talk about his internet fame.

Really… he just seems overwhelmed.

Lesson: Work at target and dress up like a cute boy

2. Apparently Kid

Apparently this kid is super funny and apparently Ellen really likes him and apparently he had never been on live television before. Until Ellen decided he was her new favourite star and had him on her program again and again. Here are just some highlights of Noah Ritter with Ellen.

Annoying or cute? I haven’t decided.

Lesson: Turn 6 and hang around theme parks with my grandpa

3. Unforgettable Kid Surfer

Bring one home for the Aussies, Sabre is an 11 year old from Cronulla who is so excited about donuts, and will probably end up becoming a famous celebrity personality with her vibrant vibrant… very vibrant personality. Really, I’ve never seen a more excited kid.

Lesson: Win a surf comp and bag my Dad out on live TV

4. Sophia Grace and Rose

These two super star girls from Essex became famous after a phenomenal rendition of Super Bass. Sophie Grace is a better rapper than I’ll ever be, and Ellen fell in love with the girls.

But there’s even more, Sophie has also released pop songs which are actually surprisingly good, if you love that kind of thing.

Lesson: Learn to rap= instant fame

5. Damn Daniel

Okay, okay this one is really ridiculous; the same gag repeated 6 times over really can make you famous. So famous that Ellen gives you a lifetime supply of Vans sneakers and a surfboard. If these two boys can make it, there’s no stopping me.

Lesson: Snapchat can make anyone famous

You could already be on your way to becoming viral.

Maybe you’ve hit your head today, or picked your nose, laughed or just walked and someone could think it’s funny and you’re on your way to Ellen!

Good luck everyone, I’m looking forward to seeing you all on my national tour of Australia after becoming famous for sitting at my desk laughing at Ellen videos.

Esther Robertshawe
is a contributor for A•STAR