April 17, 2017 ‘The Grift’ is a podcast about swindlers

“Whenever we hear about con artists we tend to think, ‘I’d never fall for one – I am not a sucker. I’m better than that,’ But someone always falls for it… and next time it could be you.” 

That’s how new podcast The Grift begins. Host Maria Konnikova, who wrote Mastermind and The Confidence Game, is here to explore the sneaky world of con artists and the lives they ruin with their swindles. Covering all types of tricksters from card sharks to cult leaders, she’s trying to find out why we people get fooled over and over again.

So far there are two full episodes (plus the intro we quoted from up there), with another eight planned. Liars, deceivers and impostors have all stepped up to offer a bit of insight into how they see the world. Do they feel guilty? Is it all a game? A battle of wits?

Are these grifters telling Maria the truth about their motives, or is this podcast just putting the “con” in “confessional”?

Finished S-Town and looking for a new listen? You can find The Grift here.

Haven’t listened to S-Town yet? WHY NOT.

Shane Cubis
is a contributor to A•STAR