April 20, 2017 The Coconut Kids give advice on touring to SXSW

Adelaide’s The Coconut Kids recently made their Texas debut at SXSW – a huge music festival for bands from across the globe to attend, network and potentially be discovered.

For aspiring musicians hoping to one day make their mark at the festival, the duo had some advice, coming off the back of their own experiences.

“If you’re an aspiring musician, don’t expect too much; treat everything as a bit of icing on the cake, so to speak. Make sure you go there and have fun most of all. It’s a really cool place and anything that comes after that… you’re going to be a small cork in the ocean bobbing up and down at SXSW. There are so many amazing acts. You might get lucky and that right person will be there at the right time but otherwise, just treat it like a lot of fun and enjoy yourself. Enjoy your music.”
Larry Heath
is the founder and editor-in-chief of the AU review