October 5, 2017 The Bachelorette is toxic and you need to turn it off

Don’t worry—if you find the Bachelor or The Bachelorette hard to relate to, it means you are a normal person.

On the other side of the coin, if you find yourself deeply immersed in the fake lives of C grade celebrities who are getting paid to pretend to fall in love, seek help. Immediately.

Oh sure, it’s just a bit of fun, right? Well, not really. Playing footsies with a 6-day-old kitten? Fun. Wasting an hour of your precious life on a toxic television show that reinforces gender stereotypes and glorifies the hollow quest for fame disguised as an earnest search for love and companionship? Not fun.


If I haven’t been clear enough yet, there are many things that bug me about this show. First, the people. Why are you on this show? What are you actually doing? I know it’s 2017, and self-respect died with David Bowie, but COME ON. There is a camera in your face and a director yelling “Action!” and “Cut!” right before and after you feed a baguette to a 37-year-old failed pop star. It’s time to make a date with the mirror.

Next, the outfits. In the Bachelor, why did all the women have to run around in bikinis, and then during the most pitiful of all human interactions, that woeful scene dubbed ‘the rose ceremony’, why do all the women have to wear the most revealing, form fitting quasi ball gowns, coupled with the world’s most uncomfortable stilettos? Why can’t you judge them in a pair of jeans?

Also, how can you even tell who you’re giving the rose to behind all their makeup? It looks like Kylie Jenner just threw up all over everyone’s faces.


Back to the current series ‘starring’ the afore mentioned failed pop star, let’s talk about those gender stereotypes and the damage you are doing to both the youth watching and society as a whole when you set up tasks to win a woman’s heart that include changing tires and building wardrobes. Are you kidding me? This is what I should be judging my future husband on? Shouldn’t I just learn how to change a tire? Better yet, haven’t you ever heard of Airtasker?

And that’s just scratching the surface. Please, for the love of god, it’s Spring. Turn the TV off and go experience the world. I promise it’s way less scary than the one on the screen.

Erin Bromhead
is a contributor for A•STAR