November 2, 2017 Struggling to focus? Here’s 10 Sydney artists bound to get you through study

We’re getting to the end of the year and I know for me, keeping focused on study and work commitments is always a challenge. When you’ve got assignments and exams piling up and the allure of holidays is getting stronger and stronger, it can be easy to start daydreaming of time spent outside your room, library or classroom. However, music can be a great tool in getting yourself into a happy, healthy headspace and indeed, when you’ve got a great soundtrack pumping in your ears, you’ll find your drive in getting through can often become stronger.

Check these locals out and get them on your study playlist today!


Perfect for: Needing a jolt of energy to propel you through exams.

Flume’s first album is great for setting the mood – you can easily immerse yourself in the intricate and fun electronic/R&B soundscapes the Northern Beaches-bred, Harley Streten conjured up, while his second album Skin is the ideal choice if you’re after banger upon banger to get you hyped for the slog of work ahead.


Perfect for: Getting through your 2am emotions of ‘Am I going to actually finish this assignment?’

Out of the Inner West, Gang of Youths have cultivated for themselves a legion of fans who have found emotional catharsis or solace within their lyrics. Bounding musical optimism buoys the listener on, while the lyrics can often touch on incredibly personal and dark themes. Great music to belt out lyrics to when you feel like you just can’t make a breakthrough.


Perfect for: 2 minute dance parties at your desk.

The beloved Sydney vocalist has stepped further into the solo spotlight through 2017, with “Kings and Queens” arriving at the perfect time, during Sydneysiders’ clash with the State Government over lock out laws and now “Aunty Tracey’s Cookies” injecting a huge dose of groove into proceedings. If you’re looking for a quick break during work, turn Joyride up and max out.


Perfect for: Bringing some anthemic pop into your study area.

The Preatures have fast become Australian favourites and it’s no surprise as to why. Their indie pop music has become a staple of many a live music venue, tastemaker blog, festival stage and fan playlist. Packed with choruses that are simply begging to be sung along to – we bet you’ll be chanting Yanada at your desk in no time.


Perfect for: Moments where you’re ready to flip your desk.

The now disbanded Sydney group were one of our favourites on the live front, and still are on record, with their chaotic fusion of pop, rock and even some tamer R&B infused moments of music. You might remember “Vitriol” or “Broken Leg”, there are just so many Bluejuice moments tailormade for periods of frustration where you need to cut loose for a tiny bit.


Perfect for: Hip hop lovers who need to centre themselves during an all nighter.

L-FRESH has been an A*Star favourite this year; the empowering hip hop artist from Sydney has been spending much of 2017 connecting with fans of all ages and backgrounds, in sharing his story and advocating for peace, hope and change. Find calmness in the penetrating beats, and optimism in moments of darkness.


Perfect for: Wishing you could ditch school for dreams of being a pop star.

We’ve all had moments where we’ve thought, ‘Why not do something different?’ – enter Montaigne. Her take on pop music has seen the young Sydney artist take an approach to music that is full of heart, yet bears the hallmarks of her own signature quirk and style.


Perfect for: The braindead bliss out.

Flight Facilities’ brand of electronic music has been on many a soundtrack since their “Clair de Lune” days but in recent years, the duo has poured their efforts into creating incredibly textured music that is worthy of diving right into. Perfect for late night study sessions, Flight Facilities’ music is best served loud in the headphones.


Perfect for: Injecting majestic Australian pop into your end of year assessment.

The Jezabels have been at work for years in making music that hits right at the heart. Their latest album, SYNTHIA, has been monumental for the group – a note to overcoming dark times and embracing the light, this album is a surefire classic.


Perfect for: Coming out the other side of exams refreshed and ready for holidays.

These Sydney ladies have been traversing the globe with their brand of Americana/pop music. It might be slightly different from the rest of the artists on this list, but their music is effervescent and brilliantly catchy for when you’ve emerged out the other side of a crushing study block, ready to tackle what’s coming next.

Happy Studying!

Sosefina Fuamoli
is managing editor of the AU review
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This article was originally published on The AU Review.